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Our Stock Market Project

The Stock Market game was the most interesting part of my year. It all started when our language arts class started reading The Westing Game. Turtle, a heir in the book, was investing. We started by picking stocks, totaling to 20,000 USD. I picked 3 stocks: Microsoft, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Asur Software. To be completely honest, I didn’t put much thought into picking these stocks. I just looked them up and bought them without even thinking about what might happen. Here is what I didn’t know at the time, these people that give you free advice are not telling the truth. They tell you to buy these stocks right after they buy them. When it goes up enough, they sell and you are left in the dust. Now I know you may be thinking that I could have just sold when they sold. Well the problem with that was we were not allowed to sell our stocks. We checked weekly until the end of May. I ended up down 692 dollars. If I learned anything from this project, it is don’t trust everything you see on the internet!

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Ted like Talk

One of the best projects we did this year was the Ted like talk. We got to present to the class about a topic that we loved. My talk was about the stock market. I started with the market. Then I gave some history. Finally, I told everyone to make a graph. The best 5 would get candy. I felt like this project was one of the best of the year. Something that I could improve on is my time. My presentation was supposed to be 5 minutes long. It ended up being eight minutes long. It was kind of embarrassing because I looked unprepared and I hope to do better next time. This really allowed me to express my interests and teach others. This was one of the best projects of the year.

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What we did in Language Arts Class

In our Language Arts class, we did a few fun things. I’m going to talk about them now. 

I’m first going to talk about The Last Cuentista. This means the last storyteller. When we read this book, We had to highlight important points. In the book, the main character, Petra, is the one kid left with her earth memories. When they left Earth, all of the adults were purged and the kids were reprogrammed. Petra was the only one to carry Earth’s stories. This is important because it continues the culture of earth.

The second thing we did was Ideal World Writing. This was a very fun experience. We got to share our personality in our Ideal World stories. This really helped us use our imagination and get to know one another. In my Ideal World writing, I put a lot of text about astronomy. I wanted my world to have a star and a black hole. I also put an underground capital city.  I loved this project the most because we got to use our imagination and write whatever we wanted in this world.

The best project we did this year was book making. We got to make collages out of different types of paper and use them to decorate our books. Inside of the books were our Ideal World stories with decorative paper setting the scene. We also put in a Cuento we made about our lives. 

I am very happy about how Language Arts went this year and I am very excited about progressing through the rest of middle school Language Arts.

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A Chinese Presentation

Right after winter break, I made this really long Chinese presentation on my trip to Iceland. It had about 600 Chinese characters in it. It was really hard to write and the rest of my class got really bored. After the first paragraph, one of my classmates said, “OK, it is done now right?” And started clapping. It took about the whole class period to get it done. By then, some of my classmates were so bored that they started playing on their Ipads. It was really funny and it was the best Chinese presentation that I ever made!


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My Ideal World

Hello, my name is Benigno. I will be showing you around Terra today! 


Our tour starts on the surface. Terra is a very beautiful planet. There are a lot of animals on the surface here. If you would like, you could eat any plant on the ground. And if you look up, you can see our star. The coolest thing about our planet is that we are orbiting a black hole. If you look very closely you can see light falling into the black hole. The plant Terra is about 7000 miles at the equator in circumference. Now let us move on to the cities of Terra.


Terra has many cities. Although the capital is underground, there are many cities above ground. Here is the airport! Let’s get a flight to my favorite city.


Here we are! Athletica! Here is my house. Anyway, let’s get going, our first stop is the Center for Sports and Activities (CSA). In the CSA, we have every activity and sport in the world. The more people that play the sport or do the activity, the more space is dedicated to it. There is also a stadium for every sport. Let’s go to the airport to get to the main attraction! The Underground city!


Wow! This airport is very crowded. Come, let’s take a boat to the city. 


Our main attraction! Terraria. Founded in 20372, it was the first city on Terra. It started as the first village but now it is the biggest city. Let’s go to the famous restaurant, Earthlandia. The restaurant is a family run restaurant. The first settlers on Terra created this restaurant. It has pictures of life on Earth and many other cool sounds and features.


Mmm! That was an amazing meal. Now let’s go visit Earthland. It is the last attraction in our tour. Earthland is a famous theme park with things from Earth. Roller coasters, Food from every single country on Earth and a lot of culture. Let’s go to the Roller coaster first.


This roller coaster was the very first roller coaster on Terra. It contains animations of the Earth inside. The ride is very popular so we would have to wait two hours. Luckily, I bought us a speedyrun pass. 


Okay! Let’s get going. That was a fun roller coaster ride wasn’t it? Thank you for coming on this tour of Terra! Visit us soon!


Field Trip

Field Trip Blog post

Credit to DA teacher

I got to school on time on the 27th of January. Mr.Lovett was at a band concert for his students. We waited for a while until going to Ms.Richardson’s room for the advisory period. We had advisory period and went to Mr.Lovett’s room for a slideshow about our field trip. The slideshow was about an hour long and got boring in some parts. At about 9:30 am, we headed to the buses.

There were two big buses, Bus 1 and Bus 2. The sixth grade was split into half. One half went to Bus 1 and the others went into Bus 2. I was on Bus 2. I was only able to read about 30 pages and 30 minutes (that is really slow).

When we got to the museum, we had to wait a few minutes for everyone to get organized. We went inside, and went up 4 escalators to the top floor with the RACE exhibit, the cafe, and the bugs exhibit. Mr. Harris and Dr. Moore gave us worksheets for the RACE exhibit. We spent about 15-20 minutes in the RACE exhibit. Then, we went to the bugs exhibit. It was very fun looking through the bug’s eyes. It made me a little dizzy. 

The third floor was definitely the best part. It had all kinds of space things and 3D printing devices. I loved the huge dinosaur models. The dinosaurs were definitely very cool.

This is one of the best field trips I’ve been on the whole year.

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Window or Mirror?

                Window or Mirror?

      Image From Sora


I have recently been reading the book Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance. I am currently on page 116. I really love this book because I am very interested in finance. In Language arts class, we do something where we decide if a book is a window or mirror. A mirror book is if the book relates to your life in some way. A window book is a book that has nothing to do with your life and is very different from your life. I feel like my book is a window book. Elon Musk is nothing like me. He has hundreds of billions of dollars. He started many successful companies and is 51 years old. This just makes this book a total window for me. I actually like window books though more than mirrors because then I’m taken into a world of new experiences. This is why I chose this Elon Musk book.


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Book Spine Poem


Liar and Spy




Wisdom Tales Project

In Language Arts Class, I had to make a wisdom tales project. I really loved the wisdom tale about A Dispute in Sign Language. This story is about a Monk who wants to become a disciple of another Monk master.

If you want to visit the project go to:

Hope you enjoy!

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How the Stock Market Works

How the Stock Market Works

Hello, I’m Benigno. I’m going to teach you how the stock market works.  If you own a stock of a company, that means that you own a little party of that company. If people buy a stock, it will go up as people think that the stock is undervalued. You can make a lot of money from stocks. The greatest investor in the world, Warren Buffet made 100 billion from stocks. If you are interested , you can either open a bank account, or use a simulator. Personally, I use both. My best stock achievement was when I earn 400% off Ford Motor during the pandemic. Thank you for reading!

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